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School Savvy Mum - Helena Tosello

Hello KIDsize Living followers. Thank you for having me here. I am thrilled to have my little blog, School Savvy Mum, featured here on KIDsize Living Inner West.                                                 

I took up blogging as a form of training my deteriorating body to sit in correct posture at the computer for longer periods of time. Chronic health and pain issues, plus workplace bullying, forced me away from the corporate world and onto the couch. Part of my therapy was to do something at a desk for 20 minutes at a time.

I have always loved organising! Planning helps me feel in control and it means I have to know everything. Well in advance. So I research things, ask questions and talk a lot to lots of different people. With two kids now in high school and years in public, private and Catholic schools, I realised I had accumulated a huge amount of information, tips and advice on the Sydney school system, especially schools in the Inner West where I live. Friends often asked my advice and I enjoyed sharing my knowledge so much that I wanted to share more widely. School Savvy Mum was born!

Several challenges have popped up in the form of pain relapses (several), motivation (not much), depression (some) and procrastination (lots). An addiction to productivity and self-improvement articles did not actually help. Building up my confidence has taken time and the support of fellow mums, especially those in small business, has been a real boost. Writing and posting frequently and turning School Savvy Mum into a school search and advisory service are now my key goals. I want and need to contribute financially and be a role model for my kids. After a shaky start last year I have now posted just as many times in 2015 as all of 2014 combined! Another major success has been to hit 150 followers on Facebook and being featured here on KIDsize Living.

I fit my blog in with various other exercises to keep the chronic pain at bay and managing a household of two busy high school boys, with activities all over Sydney, and a husband who is either home all the time or working out of town. My coping mechanisms include reading, chocolate and lots of tea and coffee with friends – the best value therapy around!

School Savvy Mum’s philosophy is that each family can be confident in making the right choice of school for their child if they know what they and their child need, prioritise these needs, and research schools carefully to find the best fit. There is no one best school or school system.

Please visit my blog and follow on Facebook where I regularly post and share information useful for navigating the school maze and minimising school search anxiety. This is a "care and share" blog so feel free to add comments and information of your own. If we all pull together we might just survive these school years with enough sanity to realise how good they, and we, really are.

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Guest Blogger Bio

Helena Tosello is a mum in the middle of everything trying to regain the centre stage of her own life. She lives in inner west Sydney with two boys and a fly in-fly out husband. She enjoys coffee with friends, Kit Kats, reading, organising, researching, sharing, and writing on her fledging blog.