Alexandra Reserve, Drummoyne

Alexandra Reserve is a lovely community playground chock full of toys and fun for the kids.

There is something magical about finding a play area like this - the community feel of the place is heartwarming, and the kids just instantly get it and jump in and play!

A small playground located on Alexandra Street Drummoyne, Alexandra Reserve was borne from the ideas of the local residents and public artist Graham Charlcroft. After a community consultation process, where residents and their children were asked to explore the park and share what it was they valued about the park and how these elements could be creatively represented in the park's playscape. 

Play area Alexandra Reserve

From that process this amazing play area came about. There are plenty of structures to climb on, jump off and hide behind, all based on a bed of sand for the kids to dig, build and create.

Alexandra Reserve

To add to the fun, the reserve is chock full of pre loved toys for the kids to enjoy.

Alexandra Reserve Alexandra Street, Drummoyne, NSW
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All Ages
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Alexandra Reserve Alexandra Street, Drummoyne, NSW