Artspark Studio, Rozelle

Artspark was established in 2004 with the goal of sharing art with children. A tranquil, uniquely artistic environment was born, loved equally by the parents and the children.  Artspark offers term classes in art, sewing & eco-gardening, school holiday workshops and art and sewing parties.

At ArtSpark, sewing classes are for anyone who wants to learn the art of creating with soft materials. ArtSpark has sewing classes that are suited to each age group and skill level and encourage our students to look beyond only sewing clothes and cushions. Sewing classes are held for all levels from 7yrs to Adults.

Artspark art classes are carefully tailored to meet the growing skills of all age groups. Carefully chosen themes serve as a focal point for the class, allowing the teacher to relay information such as simple colour theory, mark making, and perspective. These activities support fine motor skill development and introduce different art making techniques.

Hands-on gardening is the perfect way for kids to get outside in the fresh air and get their hands dirty. The children plant, tend, and harvest fresh produce. They learn about seed propagation, nutrient cycling through composting, worm farming and taking care of the chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Art or sewing parties are available for kids in an urban-eco setting. Everyone gets to take home their own creation, whether it’s an Art party or a Sewing party. 

Artspark run art and sewing school holiday workshops every school holidays. They have also recently added 'Art & Drama' classes, printmaking classes and classes on fabric printing and fashion design drawing.

Artspark Studio, Rozelle, NSW
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Preschoolers , Ages 3-5 , Ages 5-7 , Ages 7+ , Tweens , Teens
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Artspark Studio, Rozelle, NSW
(M) Natalie on 0425 264 925 or ChiChi on 0434 154 811