Betty Zilka - Petersham Dental Practice

Dr Betty Zilka has a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Sydney University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of NSW. Betty founded the practice and has been the principal dentist since it opened in 1981.

She is a member of the Australian Dental Association and ensures she keeps up to date with the latest developments in the dental field.

She has experience treating patients of all ages from young children to senior adults and is committed to providing quality dental care and advice.

Betty Zilka Dentist

43 Fisher St,

43 Fisher Street,, Petersham, NSW
KIDsize Vibe

Kid friendly Dentist, toys in the waiting room, caring and considerate receptionist and very relaxed.

KIDsize Living Review

{OLD REVIEW:} Sonia is the Dentist really suited to the little ones. Kids get a toothbrush, are made to feel so relaxed and welcome. Sonia is very patient with the kids and has some great kiddie references to the Dentist chair that your kids will just love! She also explains how everything works in an easy to understand way.

10/4/2012: Sonia has been replaced since we last visited so are unable to give a review on the current services. We have been advised by a KSL member that the replacement dentist is not as suited to the little ones as Sonia was.

Age Group
All Ages
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43 Fisher Street,, Petersham, NSW
9560 1919