Bound Sport and Fitness 3-5 year old program

Bound Sport and Fitness pride themselves on tailoring fitness programs for kids and adults right in the heart of the Inner West.

Get your kids moving with this innovative program specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of movement, coordination and balance to your pre school kids.

Did you know that is recommended children aged 3-5years spend three hours a day physically active (in both structured and unstructured play/activity)? Studies have indicated that preschool children spend approximately 75 percent of the day doing sedentary activities and less than 5 percent of the day participating in moderate to vigorous activity. The establishment of appropriate physical activity habits in children aged 3 to 5 years can transmute into healthy lifestyle habits and therefore it is imperative that children aged 3-5 are taught the necessarily skills to ensure they lead a healthy lifestyle.

So how is BOUND Sport & Fitness different from other programs for 3-5year olds? Preschool aged children are at the stage where they are developing socially, creating friendships, learning different ways to communicate and express themselves, forming opinions, enjoy high energy activities, and are eager learners. They are developing their understanding of how they fit into the world and it is important that physical activity is encouraged to help them express themselves. With over 20years experience as a PDHPE Prep-Year 12 teacher and qualified fitness instructor I am knowledgeable and trained in how to teach children of this age.

What will your child be learning at BOUND Sport & Fitness? The main objective of the 3-5years program is to ensure that children learn the fundamental movement skills that they can take forward with them into school. This includes being able to catch, kick, run, jump, throw, ball bounce, leap and dodge. Studies have found that children that do not acquire fundamental movement skills during preschool years are more likely to choose sedentary pursuits, as they are not confident in their ability to take risks with sporting pursuits.

Bound Sport and Fitness

Bound also have great classes for the adults as well - make sure you check them out!

St Peters Community Hall (located in St Peters Primary School), St Peters, NSW
Age Group
$150 for 10 weeks
$20 registration fee per annum (includes Bound sport t-shirt)
Location and Details
St Peters Community Hall (located in St Peters Primary School), St Peters, NSW
Monday 17 July - Monday 18 September
9:30am 10:15am
0401 189 048