Bubs and Boardrooms

Bubs and Boardrooms is a fantastic new flexible workspace idea created by local Inner West Mums. Workspace for you and playspace for them, with experienced carers provided for free!

Bubs and Boardrooms has created a space for working parents to collaborate and create. There is an onsite Playspace, so that you are readily available to your child when they need you, but you also have the tools and resources to be able to get your work done such as Wifi and office space.

Membership inclusions:

  • A variety of co-working spaces including private offices
  • High speed wireless internet and printing facilities
  • Kitchen facilities, fridge, tea and coffee facilities
  • Networking though closed Facebook group  and community days
  • Opportunities to promote your business on-site
  • Free access to the on-site PlaySpace
69 Great North Road,, Five Dock, NSW
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Bubs & Boardrooms is one of those new businesses you hear about which makes you think 'Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" The brainchild of local Inner West Mums Liz and Carly - Bubs & Boardrooms is a combined office and daycare – see, brilliant!

It is the perfect solution for those parents who work from home but find actually getting any work near impossible while looking after the kids. You can get your work done in the “Workspace” while fully qualified carers are looking after your little one in the full service “Playspace”. 

Bubs and Boardrooms

Bubs & Boardrooms launched on the 1st September 2014 and has already received huge interest and support from the community. I spent a day there recently with my daughter and was able to focus on my work (at the workstation provided) knowing that she was being well taken of in the next room. Knowing I could pop in for a quick cuddle whenever the mood struck me was very reassuring, although she was so busy playing with all the toys and the other kids she didn't even notice me peeking in.

Bubs and boardrooms

I caught up with Liz while I was there and got some inside information on how Bubs & Boardrooms came about…

“Carly and I first met at mothers group. Which is where we actually came up with the idea.  We had a desperate need to find care for our babies so that we could return to work. We were both on a million waitlists with no end in sight, had no family in Sydney, we tossed up the idea of nannies but it wasn't overly feasible and although our employers said that we could work from home, there was no way that our little rascals would make that a workable solution. It takes me about 20 minutes, they spill of some sort of beverage, four different positions and a juggle with the laptop that looks like the hokey pokey to send one email – and he was only eight months!! We needed flexibility, we needed a quiet workspace, but ultimately we wanted our kids to be there too. We were desperately searching for a solution that allowed us to be there for our kids, but at the same time progress our careers as working professionals. We wanted an office that we could take our kids to…. So we created Bubs and Boardrooms.”

What do you love most about Bubs & Boardrooms?

“The “firsts” that we and the parents get to experience. We've had babies, crawl, walk and talk at Bubs and the parents have been right there to witness it. They haven’t missed out on those once in a lifetime moments because of their work, but at the same time they haven’t had to give up on their careers so that they can enjoy their time with their children. You CAN have you cake and eat it too!”

Bubs & Boardrooms attracts lots of different customers including Brand Managers, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers and Students, plus it is the ideal setup for breastfeeding Mums. It also caters for dads too and has been quite popular having over a dozen male members.

Bubs & Boardrooms offer a variety of options including Monthly and Casual Passes plus you can choose between half and full days or a school hours session (how flexible is that!). You can find all of the pricing details here. Even when they are at capacity they still have an area allocated to casual visitors so you will always be able to find a space.

The best bit? As it’s a workspace, if you have an ABN you can claim the fees on tax and it will not impinge on your childcare rebates!

Monthly Plans
Half Day Membership - $55 / session for a single session per week
- $50 / session for multiple sessions per week
Full Day Membership - $90 / session for a single session per week
-$85 / session for multiple sessions per week
Quick Trip Session - $17/hr
Casual Pass
5 x Half Day sessions - $325 ($65/ Session)
5 x Full Day sessions - $500 ($100/ Session)
Location and Details
69 Great North Road,, Five Dock, NSW
(M) 0420 310 350