Built By Kidz Parties woodworking parties

Built by Kidz Parties woodworking parties are a fun and unique entertainment idea for a kids party and every child gets to take home their woodwork product!  This party idea is suitable for children aged 7-12.

This unique party idea can be tailored to suit both boys and girls.  Their parties include the option to craft their very own:

  • tool boxes
  • trinket or jewelry boxe
  • slide box

Built by Kidz PartiesThere is also the option to build the birthday boy or girl a billy cart!  The party guests and birthday boy build the billy cart under the guidance of the very friendly and knowledgeable Built By Kidz carpentry expert.  The birthday boy or girl gets a billy cart to keep and best of all he or she built it themselves with the help of all their friends!

Built by Kidz parties

All kids get to wear a special work vest to help them get into the spirit of the workshop and to add to the fun! They'll also receive a custom lolly bag at the party along with their handmade woodwork item.

NEW Packages available September 2015

Extravaganza Tool Show

This interactive demonstration showcases a range of tools in a fun, educational way:

  • Hand tools: Hammers, levels, crew drivers, spanners, bevels, measuring tape
  • Power tools: Battery operated drills, reciprocating saw, multi-tool, rotary drill
  • Wall fasteners, screws, nuts and bolts

This package is ideal for children 8-12 years. Maximum 15 children per workshop

Built by Kidz Parties

"How To" Masterclass

This interactive masterclass on safely using a variety of tools

  • Kids learn how to safely use hammers, chisels, rivet guns, hand saws, crow bars, caulking guns, battery operated tools
  • Patch holes in gyprock/brick, cut timber, tile, line mark, take measurements and more

This package is Ideal for children 10 years and up.  Maximum 12 children per workshop

Built by Kidz Parties

Party packages are available for party groups of 10 or 12, with a maximum number of 15 guests.  Built by Kidz Parties come to you and you don't need a lot of space.  They are fully insured and will bring everything you need to host your woodworking party.  They will even bring their gear to the park if that's where you're having your party!

KIDsize Vibe

What an amazing idea!  If you're tired of superheroes and My Little Pony then this could be a great option for your little builder.

Age Group
Ages 7+ , Tweens
From $300 (Package for 10 guests). Includes all materials and a lolly bag for each guest
Catering is extra but can be arranged.
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