Chef's Palette Cafe, Strathfield

A funky little cafe in Strathfield that will give you an unexpected surprise!

This recently renovated cafe in Strathfield's busy town centre serves breakfast and lunch and has an incredible array of cakes and deserts, and it's surprisingly kid-friendly!

12 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

Well this was a surprise! We visited Chef's Palette a little while ago, we just stumbled upon in while poking around in Strathfield and while initially we were scratching our heads, by the time we left we were rubbing our tummies!

This place is a lovely change from the franchise-rich food environment in Strathfield's centre. That's why it stood out to us, that, and the inviting decor that grabbed our attention. We walked in and felt immediately comfortable among the timber and exposed brick walls. The decor is a bit eclectic, sewing machines adorn the walls, recycled timber tables both small and large are scattered through out the cafe and there's a bit of an industrial feel about it too. Al fresco dining is available out the front of the restaurant.

The menu is divided up into Breakfast and Lunch. Breakfast is served from 7.00am-11.30am. After 11.30am the lunch menu is available until 3.00pm. Both menus look amazing but we only had one meal in us so we ordered from the lunch menu. The kitchen open for the Desert menu from 5pm.

We ordered the Pumpkin & Ricotta Gnocchi ($17) and the Corn Fritters which were served with a spicy tomato relish and both meals were very tasty. Presentation of the food surprises, it has a different feel about it, it's almost "dainty" "delicate" and "precise" - perhaps a nod to the experienced and well credentialed Executive Chef. Other options include Chef's Palette Beef Sirloin Burger ($15), a 4hr Slow Pressure Cooked Pulled Pork Burger ($15) and Salt and pepper Squid Salad ($16).

I can vouch for their good coffee too, my usual long black was great, and we tried a fresh apple juice - served in a mason jar. Desert is another special of the Chef's Palette. Their display case is full of gorgeous cheesecakes, tiramisu and some other amazing looking offerings - all made in house we understand.

We didn't have our kids with us when we tried the cafe but this place is surprisingly kid-friendly even though it may not appear so on first glance.  It can get busy which might make wrangling the pram a bit of a chore and mother's groups might want to look somewhere else. On chatting with their incredibly friendly staff, who couldn't be more helpful if they tried, they offered us the kids pancake to try - and as you can see it would be a hit with any child! It tasted good too, light and fluffy! There are a few kid's options on the breakfast and lunch menu.

All in all, Chef's Palette is well worth a try, with or without the kids. The lunch menu is  excellent, the food is really good and very well priced. The Breakfast menu looks amazing too with some classics and also some interesting options which this place seems all about - we love it! 

High chairs
Kids menu
Age Group
All Ages
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12 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield, NSW
6.30am - midnight: 7 days