Do or Dye

Marylee Gallo, owner of Do Or Dye, has a wealth of experience in the hair industry.  She has developed her own unique style and technique, which has led to a very loyal client base.

Do or Dye

401 New Canterbury Road,
Dulwich Hill

Marylee is passionate about her work as a leading hair technician and enjoys participating in hair competitions and internationally recognised hair seminars in order to keep up-to-date with the latest styles and season fashions.

Marylee offers straightforward, expert advice for your hair.  So whether you need a classic trim or a completely new style, she will have you leaving the salon looking your best and coming back for more!

Do or Dye, 401 New Canterbury Road,, Dulwich Hill, NSW
KIDsize Vibe

Very welcoming of children to the salon.

KIDsize Living Review

My son has had a few cuts here and we have found each experience to be quick, friendly and always a great haircut! She usually gives out a lollypop to the kids as well...

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Do or Dye - Saturday 22 March
We took my son (who has just turned two years old) to have his first haircut at Do or Dye. I was unsure as to how he'd take it as for the past two years I have tried to cut his hair and so to has his grandmother (an ex-hairdresser) and without much success (my son would wriggle and not sit still)! The hairdresser at Do or Dye was great! Our son sat on his Dad's lap and both wore capes. The hairdresser was chatty and friendly to our son and so quick too. It was a dry cut with a quick spray of water to dampen his locks. There were no tears, in fact there were giggles and laughs! A great cut for $15. The hairdresser said she would do fringe tidy ups for $5. Thank you Kidsized Living for a great recommendation - we will definitely be having our future cuts there!

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All Ages
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Do or Dye, 401 New Canterbury Road,, Dulwich Hill, NSW