Dulwich Hill Bowl Skate Park

Dulwich Hill Skatepark is made up of two sections. Firstly, a rather old and beaten up snake run (with weird coping) that opens to a shallow bowl with a central hump. Its essentially the domain of the BMX’s and that’s about all its good for.

The main section is much newer and the large open area is simply jam packed with quarters, bowls, banks, rails and funboxes. The sizes are varied and range from 3ft up to around 7ft and there’s ample room to carve out great lines. At the lip there’s a variety of extensions and angled coping to play with. The surface is fairly new so it’s fast and smooth and the coping.

Hercules Street, Dulwich Hill, NSW
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KIDsize Living Review

When you enter the park you first see the bowl, with the teenagers ripping it up and flying around...you get the vibe that it isn't kid friendly in the slightest initially! Then beyond this "pro circuit", there is a "tamer" version with some gentler slopes. Within 20 minutes Mr 6 stands atop the bowl with his scooter and takes it on. Miss 3 of course wants to do what her big bro is doing, but the slopes are a little to much for her - it's best that the littlies stay in the middle or scooter around the edges.

We'll definitely be back with the kids but supervision is a must.

Mr 6's take on the day: It was better on my scooter than my skateboard. I felt a bit safer because I had something to hold onto and could go down the small hills without feeling scared.

Location and Details
Hercules Street, Dulwich Hill, NSW