Earthbeats Children's Music, Summer Hill

Each Earthbeats Early Childhood Music Session is based around Live Music. Earthbeats offers weekly classes for the preschool age group, keyboard classes for primary school kids and school holiday workshops too.

Children sing with the guitar, explore the keyboard and are involved in movement, dance and hands-on experience with many different instruments, including authentic drums and percussion from all around the world. Earthbeats engages and educates children with music concepts of beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, tempo and dynamics through play, puppets and plenty of fun activities.

Earthbeats offers their "Little Jam" classes and "Earthbeats Kids" classes on Mondays and Fridays at their Summer Hill Studio. Their "Junior Jam" classes are also offered on a Friday. Check their website for more class information.

Summer Hill Community Centre, Summer Hill, NSW
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Age Group
Babies , Toddlers , Preschoolers , Ages 3-5 , Ages 5-7
Earthbeats Little Jam: Early Fee $135 / Full Fee $145

Earthbeats Kids (Mixed): Early Fee $200 / Full Fee $215

Earthbeats Keyboard Kids: $30 per week
Location and Details
Summer Hill Community Centre, Summer Hill, NSW
(T) 9797 7525
(M) 0410 506 304