Elkington Park, Balmain

Located on the foreshore in Balmain, Elkington Park is a big, stately, historic park with amazing views . It includes White Horse Point which looks out towards Cockatoo Island.  The Dawn Fraser Baths are also located within the park.

Elkington Park is a popular park for weddings for good reason! The views are spectacular especially from White Horse Point which protrudes into the harbour.

The playground contains a climbing structure and slide which is fully enclosed and two sets of swings outside the fence.  This children's play area is well shaded by huge trees and there's a picnic table right beside it. 

Elkington Park

Elkington Park, Balmain, NSW
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Beautiful old park!  It's a great choice for a play in summer because it has heaps of shade and always has a nice breeze.  Great birthday party venue and the rotunda may provide some shelter in inclement weather.  The Dawn Fraser Baths are an historic and very cool place to have a dip and get a great coffee in the summer months.

Playground (fenced)
Toilet facilities
Drinking fountain
Other facilities close by (Dawn Fraser Baths) Dog off-leash area
Picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
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Elkington Park, Balmain, NSW