Fleming Playground, Newtown

This playground is on the corner of Albermarle Street and Denison Street. It has a fence and hedge around it and some lovely shady trees.

The playground equipment consists of two adult swings and two baby swings, a spring rider and see saw.  It also has a covered picnic table and a drinking fountain.  It is a playground suitable for tiny tots.

20 Albermarle Street, Newtown, NSW
KIDsize Vibe

A cute little private playground in the backstreets of Newtown.  The playground equipment is suitable for crawlers and toddlers and would be a bit uninteresting for older children.  Fully fenced though!

The covered picnic table would make it suitable as a birthday party venue although there are no toilets.  

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Playground (fenced)
Drinking fountain
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
20 Albermarle Street, Newtown, NSW