Happy Clown Kindergarten

Happy Clown Kindy is a long day care catering for children from 0-5 years, located in Hurlstone park, near the station, Happy Clown Kindy is open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, all year (excluding public holidays).

Each class has highly qualified, long term staff that are caring and strive to provide the most creative and exciting ways for children to learn.  The centre caters 4 meals for the children and provides a complete Preschool Program for children aged 3-6 years. We have daily extra-curricular activities included in our program including:

  • dance
  • sustainability
  • language
  • cooking
  • art class 

Our Mission is to have fun and learn.  Happy Children and Happy Parents at Happy Clown!

Our Pre-school Program

Our preschool program enhances skills such as:

  • gaining self-esteem and confidence
  • problem solving
  • independent exploration and curiosity
  • structural activities and hands on learning
  • literacy and numeracy development and knowledge
  • mathematical skills and science and exploration
  • independence
  • cognitive development
  • creative expression
  • physical and developmental wellbeing
  • social and emotional development
  • experimentation and curiosity
  • milestone achievements
  • forming relationships and confidence.

In consultation with the NSW school curriculum and information given to us by local schools we aim to provide opportunity for our children to learn the essential skills they require to be one step in the right direction before they commence their schooling.

The skills we enhance upon are:

  • children’s ability to recognise and write short words including their own names
  • encouraging independence such as choosing their own activities at their own leisure and pack them away as part of their responsibility
  • confidence in front of peers through expressing themselves about their thoughts and needs
  • recognising their belongings and being responsible for them
  • learning basic mathematical skills such as adding and subtracting
  • having a routine and following it independently
  • learning about the environment of schooling including what will be expected of them
  • self-hygiene, lunch boxes, stranger danger, road safety, fire danger etc.

Happy Clown Kindergarten

52-54 Duntroon St,, Hurlstone Park, NSW
Age Group
Preschoolers , Ages 3-5
Location and Details
52-54 Duntroon St,, Hurlstone Park, NSW
Monday - Friday 7.00am - 6.00pm (excluding public holidays) 52 weeks of the year.
(T) 9558 2683