Hide and Seek Cafe, Leichhardt

A play-cafe in Leichhardt!  This place is heaven for kids and those with them, enjoy some great food and excellent coffee while the kids are amused exploring the different play-spaces or taking part in an activity session.   

102 Norton Street, Leichhardt, NSW
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October 2016:  Close your eyes and imagine what your perfect cafe with kids experience would be... does it go something like... enjoying some great food, great coffee, having a conversation that consists of uninterrupted sentences or perhaps a chance to read a full page of the paper?  I'd also like my child to eat something nutritious and have a fun time in a place that offers more than unpacking the little sugar packets on the table and packing them back into the little silver container!

Sound good? or perhaps too good to be true?  Not anymore!  The Hide and Seek Cafe in Leichhardt ticks all these boxes and more!  We popped in last week on their Grand Opening Day and had a blast as did the 6 kids we had with us!

At Hide and Seek kids are spoilt for choice!  There is a large, covered eating area outside at the back of the cafe with chairs and tables positioned around the kids play space and activity table.  This area is fenced off so no one's going to wander off while you sip on your Five Senses latte! If you'd prefer to sit inside there are plenty of tables there too. Importantly, there's no issues manoeuvring the pram in this cafe!  Every area of the place has plenty of room.

Now the food... there's some very thoughtful choices available.  The kids menu provides some simple but popular options... Vegemite on Toast ($2), Grilled Cheese ($2) or Eggs and Soldiers ($4), there's also a more substantial Vegetables and Meatballs ($6). Importantly, the adult menu is delicious too. From the Lunch Menu, we tried the Panko Puff Chicken Burger ($15) which was delicious, served in a long roll which spooked the older kids but after one bite all was well! The Chicken and Kale Salad ($15) was delicious also.

The Breakfast Menu has some awesome looking options including Bircher Muesli ($12), Avocado Stack ($15), Sweet Potato Maple Waffles ($16) and the Not So French French Toast ($16) .. which are all on our list for next time! We did try a few things though the Bacon and Egg Roll ($11) was as they should be.. mouth watering! We're always suckers for a Corn Fritter Stack ($16) so we went there also and it was delicious! There's plenty of sides on offer and the staff were amazing, making a few special orders wasn't a problem at all and everything came out in good time.

As for drinks, the Five Senses coffee was lovely and well made. The kids all enjoyed Old School Milkshakes which looked just like they did when we were kids!

All in all, it gets the thumbs up from us!  The Hide and Seek Cafe (in the old Bubbabar premises if you were wondering) have totally hit the mark.  It's a cafe that provides a safe and engaging environment for the little people and caters beautifully for that sometimes hard-to-manage toddler age group - you will be able to enjoy your meal or your conversation or even both!  The food is fresh and nutritious, you won't find nuggets and chips on the menu here! 

They also have a kids party room which is available for bookings for your next party - themed or not! Coming Soon are a series of Early Childhood development classes including sensory and dance experiences through music and craft. These will be held over a series of weeks in the Hide & Seek classroom.

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102 Norton Street, Leichhardt, NSW
Tuesday - Sunday: 7.30am - 4.30pm
(T) 9572 9673