Illoura Reserve, Balmain East

Illoura Reserve is a beautiful park on the tip of the Peninsula at Balmain East.  It is located adjacent to the Balmain East ferry wharf and offers amazing views of Sydney Harbour and the city.  The park runs along the Peninsula all the way to Peacock Point.  At Peacock Point there is a sandy beach and tidal pools along the sandstone cliffs.

The park has a small playground area that isn't fenced but is beautifully landscaped with native vegetation.  There is also a viewing platform that offers magical views across Johnstons Bay and Sydney Harbour.  There is a small car park and some street parking is available in the surrounding streets.  Toilet facilities are available at the ferry wharf.

Illoura Reserve, Weston Street, Balmain East, NSW
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Awesome park!  The playground is small but there is so much exploring to do here!  Views are incredible, it's a great spot.

Ferry Wharf
Viewing platform
Car park
Picnic tables
Toilet facilities
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All Ages
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Illoura Reserve, Weston Street, Balmain East, NSW