Jarvie Park, Marrickville

A lovely spot for a full afternoon outside. Kids will enjoy the sun shaded playground with fantastic play equipment.  

Forts, slides, swings, see-saw, single pole see-saw and more. Bike track runs through the park and connects playground with basketball court.  Picnic tables and benches are scattered all around. Grab a coffee from Kelby's Cafe on your way - it's at the end of the street on marrickville Road.

One downside - there are no toilets at Jarvie Park.

Jarvie Park  Jarvie Park

Jarvie Park, Malakoff Street, Marrickville, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

Jarvie Park has always been a sentimental favourite of ours. The park has a great vibe, and there is enough to keep all the kids occupied. It's a lovely spot for a birthday party, play date or picnic. There is enough grass for kids to run around without disturbing (annoying) other park goers and the basket ball court is perfect for older kids. When it's not being used for basketball, its a great spot to practice scooter tricks, or race remote control cars!.


Playground facilities (not fenced)
Cafe nearby
Sporting facilities (basketball)
Scooter/bike friendly
Drinking fountain
Picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Jarvie Park, Malakoff Street, Marrickville, NSW