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A tutoring website providing online maths tutoring for school grades 3-6.

Experienced teacher, Simon Rae, has developed a awesome website that supports primary school children in their maths education and embraces the digital age!.  His aim is to reinforce key concepts and build confident learners who can progress through the Australian Curriculum at school.

The Australian Curriculum divides maths into 3 Strands – Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Each of these strands then have sub-strands that are taught over the course of the year.  The online tutoring lessons from Lifestyle Tutoring mirror the classroom delivery of the maths syllabus.

Simon teaches all the video lessons.  Each lessons explain the concepts and then progress to a worksheet based activity and quiz.  Children can review the concept and explanation as many times as they need and then consolidate with the worksheet activity and quiz.

Tutoring lessons for individual strands or the whole maths syllabus can be purchased.  

KIDsize Living Review

April 2015:

I was really keen for my boys to try the online maths tutoring program offered by Lifestyle Tutoring for Kids. Firstly, because it was accessible, cheap (like only $5 per lesson), the boys could do it in their own time, we didn't have to travel and my boys, Jarvis who is 9, and Jagger who is 7, really need help with their maths. 

I signed them up and could get them started on it straight away. Here's our take on it so far;

Simon Rae is the Maths teacher and has created video lessons through the program. His lessons are really simple to follow, he has a great way of explaining the topics and his style is easy going which the kids have really taken to.  

My 9 year old enjoys the lessons and loves marking his own work and the feeling he gets when his answers are all correct. 

For my 7 year old, he struggles to stay focused, I find it can be a battle to get him to do the online lessons but once he's started them, he really connects with the teacher, Simon and even talks to him on the screen and says, 'G'day Simon' which I think is pretty cute. He is also super chuffed with himself when he can actually do the activity sheets that accompany the lessons and when he gets them correct its priceless to see his little face light up and I can almost instantly see his confidence boosting. 


We all think it's fantastic, the lessons are simple to follow along, we can see an improvement already and it can be done anywhere; before or after school, after soccer, or whenever suits your busy schedules. It is also great if your kids are finding a particular area of maths difficult or need some additional explaining, you can do the lessons that are needed at any particular time and can re-visit them when needed. Plus, it's on a computer or i-pad that kids just love being on. The teacher, Simon is fantastic, easy to understand, breaks things down and makes learning enjoyable as he uses examples that kids can relate to like sports, sports cars and topics that interest kids. If you have a child that is struggling with maths or just want to build up their confidence in that area, then Lifestyle for Tutoring for Kids will work for you. 


My kids didn't last longer than 15 minutes on the video teaching side, there aren't that many that long but for those that are 30 minutes in length just break it up in to two sessions. 

Make sure you have it all set up and ready for them to go, in case there are any technical issues, wifi problems or they are like my kids who start googling anything or searching you tube for scooter tricks or guitar solos. 

Make sure your kids fill out the Lifestyle Planner, it really helps them understand time and helps them get organised. 

Lifestyle Tutoring review

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