Maundrell Park, Petersham

This historic park is a lovely green oasis in the inner west with lots of grass for running around and ball games, paths for scootering and a playground.

This beautiful, old park has lots of huge shady trees that provides plenty of shade for the playground and some seating areas.

The playground comprises of three play structures, swings, spring riders and a little bridge.  All the equipment is over a soft fall surface.  There are numerous park benches and picnic tables.  There are paths criss-crossing the park so a great place to learn to ride that bike!

Maundrell Park, Petersham, NSW
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Beautiful little spot and very popular.  The park is actually right on busy Stanmore Road however the playground is located deep in the park and well away from that busy traffic.  It isn't fenced though.  Easy parking in surrounding streets and lots of grass to kick a ball or set up some backyard cricket! 

The Big Brekky Cafe lies across the street, serving great coffee or even the big brekky should you need it!

Cafe nearby
Scooter/bike friendly
Drinking fountain
Picnic tables
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All Ages
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Maundrell Park, Petersham, NSW