Metro Specs, Marrickville

Located in the Marrickville Metro, Metro Specs has been looking after the eyes of Sydney's Inner West for over 25 years.  Metro Specs Optometrist, Vinita Nand, has written us an article on eye health, that check you have is more than just an eye test!

Metro Specs is an Inner West institution!  It feels like Norm, Alice and Les have been operating this store forever.  The Optometrists, Vinita and Les, are exceptionally experienced and knowledgable, not to mention super friendly and always willing to help.

They have a great range of frames and sunglasses to choose from and always at a good price too!

Marrickville Metro,, Marrickville, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

January 2015:  I have been going to Metro Specs for years, so long, I can't actually remember the first time.  The faces have barely changed since then, Alice, Norm, Vinita and Tony have been there for years providing top quality service and a top quality product.

I've been wearing glasses since I was 3 years old.  I've had plenty of eye tests in my life and I've purchased plenty of glasses!  Their range is brilliant and there's no fear of buying a pair of frames that doesn't suit you, they'll tell you!  I went in last week for a new pair of frames and they asked me to come back as they were expecting a shipment of new frames the following week that they thought I'd like!  That was after I had the entire shop helping me try on frames and giving me their honest opinion!

Want to try contact lenses? No problem! they'll order some trial packs for you.  Need your frames adjusted? Easy done!  All at no charge (unlike a recent experience at Burwood when they tried to charge me $5 to tighten my frames!).

I cannot recommend them highly enough, as usual the eye test was thorough, quick and painless.  I'm looking forward to trying these new frames this week so I'll keep you posted!

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Marrickville Metro,, Marrickville, NSW
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