Pat O'Connor Reserve, Canterbury

A lovely strip of green hidden away in suburban Canterbury.

Pat O'Connor Reserve is a long strip of green space nestled in the back streets of Canterbury.

It's not on the Cooks River Bike Path but it's not far from it and does have paths suitable for riding bikes and scooters. It would be a great place to learn to ride a bike actually!

There's a playground on the eastern side of the park, accessible from Potter Avenue, it has a climbing structure with a slide, swings, monkey bars and a spring rider. There is no shade but plenty of street parking, with various access points to the park.

A short walk away is The Little Cup and Saucer, a great option for a coffee on the way, or lunch on the way home!

Pat O'Conor Reserve, Canterbury, NSW
Playground facilities (not fenced)
Cafe nearby (The Little Cup and Saucer)
Scooter/bike friendly
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Pat O'Conor Reserve, Canterbury, NSW