Richardsons Lookout, Marrickville

A small park with great area views and views of the Cooks River.

This place has historic significance since it was the site of Thomas Holt’s home, The Warren, which began construction in 1857. Holt had an extensive estate covering much of Marrickville which included the mausoleum (burial vaults) on the foreshore of the river. After Holt’s death Carmelite nuns lived in the Warren from 1886 to 1903. During World War I the Warren was used as a military encampment and then returned soldier’s housing.

These days it's a great piece of green space amongst the historic cottages of the Warren. Nice views and some flat grass, as well as some little trails to explore, make it a great place for some hiding and seeking! or just enjoy the breeze on a hot day.

Holt Crescent and Richards Avenue, Marrickville, NSW
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All Ages
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Holt Crescent and Richards Avenue, Marrickville, NSW