Ring-A-Bell Cleaning

Ring-A-Bell Cleaning is owned by local Mum, Belinda O'Donnell. She is more than happy to provide free quotes and covers all areas across the Inner West. 

With a focus on environmentally friendly products, Belinda and her team can help get your house clean and sparkling!

We asked Belinda to tell us about herself and Ring-A-Bell Cleaning... 

"Well I'm a mother of 2 children, a daughter who is 12 and starting high school next year and a son who's 8 going into year 3. My mother is Polish and my father was born in India. I grew up in the Inner West in Camperdown and when I was 13 we moved to Ryde. My grandmother lived in Leichhardt so I continued going to my high school in Five Dock and did most of my home work on the 288 bus home with my younger sister. 

I now live in Croydon but see myself in Summer Hill a lot because of my children's school."

Have you always wanted to own your own business? How did you get started?

"I've always known I wanted to be the boss of a business but never thought it would be cleaning... 

I had worked for 4 years doing 7 days a week in 2 jobs to pay the mortgage. My son was 1 year old and my daughter was 5 just starting school. My husband of 14 years now also worked full-time and with very little family help, apart from my sister who lived with us who I adore to this day, we did it on our own. I still remember waking my husband knowing he only had 3 hours sleep (being on call all night) and having to leave him with both kids to go to work. 

I decided there must be an easier way and cut out one day of work to be able to do my shopping in daylight. I became friends with a mum I met before in a church music class and would visit her after school drop off for a cuppa and so our boys could have a play. She would always have house work to do and she thought my cleaning was so fast and my attention to detail was something she never had see before.

We would have a laugh about her paying me while she went shopping and not in a millions years did I think it was going to happen. One day she left me and the boys and I was bored in a dirty house so I cleaned.

My friend became my first customer and after being made redundant from my well paid job my friend asked if I could get a business card together as she had a few friends that needed a cleaner. By the second week I had 5 customers which I still clean for today.

A few months later I did a once off clean for a Mum at my children's school, she told me about the KIDsize Living page and the rest in history! 80% of my customers come from this page and the rest are Mums from school or friends referring me."

Is it what you expected? What’s the hardest part, what do you love most about it?

"It has been so fast I still can't believe what a success it's been. I now have 50 customers and 2 employees. "I LOVE" my job - there is no such thing as a bad day at work for me and you can see it in my work. 

The hardest thing has been when I have to say no to helping someone, because that's how I see everyday - me helping others, not a title as a cleaner. 

I had people who look down at me because I'm a young mum and a cleaner but I always know that I couldn't be happier doing what I do."

What is Ring-A-Bell Cleaning's Philosophy?

"At Ring a Bell Cleaning we will always try to meet with our new customers to understand what level of a clean they are after. We are only happy when our customers are happy."

How do you unwind?

"I love to unwind after a long week and look forward to spending time with my family. I'm always planning new places to go with the family now that I don't have to work on the weekends." 

Who does the cleaning in your house?

"I still clean my own house but with so much less attention to detail as before. I still get my freak out moment were I will stay up to 11pm after working all day and spring clean my own house."

So if you're on the hunt for a cleaner we can personally attest to the fantastic job that Belinda and her team perform. 

Belinda O'Donnell 0412 158 716