Robson Park, Haberfield

Robson Park is huge! A beautiful parkland area in Haberfield with lots of open space, playground equipment, water views over the bay and covered picnic tables scattered around. It is bordered by the Dobroyd Parade, so be prepared for lots of traffic passing by.

Robson Park, Boomerang Street, Haberfield, NSW
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After driving past this park so many times, it was nice to stop and have a wander around. The park is lovely, with beautiful garden beds, and plenty of open space.

The boat themed playground equipment looks near new and has plenty to keep the kids occupied.

The park used to be connected to the water, but was cleared to make way for housing and roads. It's great to see the council working to preserve what's left of Sydney Coastal Swamp Estuary and are encourage the growth of the bush plants and swamp mahoganies.

Playground facilities partially fenced
Toilet facilities
Drinking fountain
Picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
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Robson Park, Boomerang Street, Haberfield, NSW