Rosso Pomodoro Balmain

If you are in the mood for Pizza, put Rosso Pomodoro on your list. Traditional Italian wood fired pizzas which will not disappoint!

Rosso Pomodoro is renowned for their authentic Italian Pizza - it is the real Pizza Deal.

Located in Balmain, Rosso Pomodoro has it all, great atmosphere, friendly staff and something on the menu for everyone. Pefrect for a girls night out, family dinner or a catch up with friends.

Make sure you read the rules before you order and there is also the all important specials board.

Rosso Pomodoro

The friendly staff can guide you through the menu if you aren't sure what to order - but you can't go past the Margherita Classica. If you like a bit of spice, the Diavola will give you a kick, we can also highly recommend the Rosso Patate e Salsiccia.

Rosso Pomodoro

Don't leave dessert off your list, they all look amazing -Gelato, Italian doughnuts, Tiramisu and the share if you dare Calzone alla Nutella.

Rosso Pomodoro

Bookings are recommended and you can BYO.

You can also order takeaway - perfect for the warmer months, you can head to one of the local parks and pizza in the park!

20-24 Buchanan Street, Balmain, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

This is a pizza lovers paradise! A great spot for a casual and relaxed meal out, you wont be disappointed. The meals are the perfect size to share, so you can sample quite a few things on the menu. There is plenty for the kids to choose from, and the deserts will certainly tempt them!

We sampled 3 pizzas, The Margherita Regina had beautiful roasted cherry tomatos and buffalo mozzerella. The Diavola promised spicy salami - and boy did it deliver! Eye watering, but delicious, we will definitely order this one again! Finally we sampled the Rosso Patate e Salsiccia - I've always been a bit unsure about potato on a pizza, what a surprise - I loved it, so delicious.

We loved sharing the Calzone Nutella, it is rich, gooey and delicious - one is more than enough for a family to share you, yum, yum!

Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
20-24 Buchanan Street, Balmain, NSW
Tuesday - Sunday 5.30pm to 10pm
02 9555 5924