S J Harrison Reserve, Earlwood

This charming, suburban playground hidden in the backstreets of Earlwood is beautifully landscaped, shaded and has a great variety of play equipment and lots of grass!

SJ Harrison Reserve is located on Bray Street.  It's a hidden gem in the back streets of Earlwood and provides a great variety of play equipment for the tiny ones and there's also something for the older siblings too!  It has a pretty standard play structure with a tunnel, wooden bridge, sliding pole, 2 slides and stairs and a ladder.  It has a small imaginative play space underneath too.  But, it also has some pretty high monkey bars and some balancing equipment suitable for older kids.  The whole structure is under a huge shade sail and over a rubber soft fall and it's surrounded by some lovely landscaped areas.

There are two swings (adult and toddler seats) under a separate shade sail, a couple of spring riders and a large frog sculpture which provided a surprising amount of entertainment! 

The Reserve itself has a lovely expanse of grass and is fenced.  There are a couple of park benches among the landscaping and near to the playground.

Harrison Reserve, Earlwood, NSW
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This hidden gem was a surprising find and provided a huge amount of entertainment for the little ones!

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December 2014:  We stumbled across this park by accident and we are so glad we did.  An impromptu play session was enjoyed by all.  A great spot on a hot day as it is really well shaded (although there's no bubbler so BYO H20) and I imagine it would get a breeze too.

Located on a quiet street, it's fenced but not totally child (or ball) proof.  There's plenty of street parking and a couple of benches in the shade too.  The landscaping is gorgeous and makes for a really pleasant experience.  All the play equipment is in very good condition with everything in full working order.

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Harrison Reserve, Earlwood, NSW