Salmon Playground, Newtown

This playground is in an old park with a traditional sandstone fence.  It's not fully fenced but the playground is in a quiet street set in the far back corner of the park.

The Salmon Playground has swings for little people and bigger people, a climbing fort structure with two slides and a tunnel, a spring rider and a twisting stick and some very interesting balance equipment.

It is suitable for all abilities and is over a soft fall surface.  There's no shade sail but some huge old trees provide some shade.  There are also a couple of benches.

Salmon Playground, Newtown, NSW
Salmon Playground 2 Salmon Playground 1
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A quiet little park in a street behind King Street... that means coffee would not be far away! Definitely worth a visit especially for the cool balance equipment which is not seen at every park.

Playground (unfenced)
Age Group
All Ages
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Salmon Playground, Newtown, NSW