Stafford Walk, Earlwood

Don't blink you'll miss it!  Located along the Cooks River Cycle Path this tiny little playground provides a surprising amount of entertainment!

Located at the end of Flinders Rd at the southern edge of Beaman Park this playground is partially fenced (on the river side) and contains a climbing structure/slide, see-saw and spring ride-on toy.  It also has BBQ facilities and is near the amenities block for Beaman Park. There's also parking!

Flinders Road, Earlwood, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

Cute!  A surprising find!  It makes a good kid rest stop on a Cooks River walk.  It's also suitable as a (small) party venue.  There's plenty of shady trees too.

Playground (partially fenced)
Toilet facilities
Sporting facilities (Beaman Park)
Scooter/bike friendly
On the Cooks River
Drinking fountain
Other facilities close by (Marrickville Golf Club)
BBQ facilities & picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Flinders Road, Earlwood, NSW