Strathfield Community Garden

You are never too young to become a member of the Strathfield Community Garden!

As part of Strathfield Council’s School Sustainability Program children are learning environmentally sustainable skills. The children are enthusiastic and want to make a positive difference to their local environment and their lives.

You too can learn how to grow healthy vegetables and meet your neighbours at the beautiful Strathfield Community Garden, join today!

Strathfield Council's community garden is located at Laker Reserve, Elva Street, Strathfield.

Community gardens enable community members, especially those without access to gardening space, to be actively involved in growing vegetables, fruit and herbs. A community garden space is also a place to meet and learn.

Being involved in a community garden can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, grow your own healthy food for very little cost and become involved in your community.

Applications to become a member of the Community Garden are available on the form on the website. see the link below.

Laker Reserve, Strathfield, NSW
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Laker Reserve, Strathfield, NSW
(T) 9748 9999