Superhero Central kids parties

Superhero Central is a professional children’s entertainment business based in Sydney. Jonas Holt is a standup comedian by day and a kids entertainer by day! If you need a superhero then Jonas is your guy!

This entertainment is suitable for the 3-8 year old age group and Jonas entertains up to 30 participating children. He will generally play several energetic games with a half-time drinks break, and sing Happy Birthday with everybody for the cake-cutting. Birthday boy (or girl) also receives a themed present.

Jonas is available for children’s parties on weekends and weekdays in backyards, parks, halls, kindergartens, theatres… practically anywhere in Sydney!

Characters include:

  • Ben Tenn
  • Mr.Invincible
  • F00TYMAN
  • Pirate Capt'n Kenny
  • Deputy Dill Pickle
  • Greeninja
  • Dracula
  • Space Knights
  • Re-Action Man
  • Indiana Jonas
  • Prof. Wizard
  • Prince Catspian
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Age Group
Ages 3-5 , Ages 5-7 , Ages 7+