Sydenham Green, Sydenham

Sydenham Green is located between Unwins Bridge Road and the Princes Highway on the site of former residential houses that were bought by the Government to alleviate aircraft noise affected areas.  The recreational park was named after the park in London.  A series of oversize 'living room' sculptures pay homage to the site's earlier residential use.

The recreational park includes an extensive and very interesting playground, basketball court, BBQ facilities and picnic area and toilet facilities.  There is also a fully fenced dog exercise area.  The playground is wonderful and is planted with native grasses and trees.  Interesting little sculptures give it a unique feel.

Best parking for the playground area is in Rowe Lane, accessed from Unwins Bridge Road where 4 hour street parking is available.

The Innocent Kitchen is a great little cafe located only a block away, a great place to pick up a coffee or a snack before heading to the park.

Sydenham Green, Sydenham, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

After driving past for years, but never stopping in, we've discovered what we think is a real inner west treasure. Definitely worth taking the kids for a wander or a 'Mayalaya Nalawala' (sit-down) at Sydenham Lounge and Playground/Park.  This playground and park is suitable for all ages.  Great place for some 'Up Close And Personal' plane spotting!

KIDsize Living Review

Great fully fenced in playground with well kept modern equipment surrounded by the magical 'Sydenham Lounge' that completely mesmerised my kids. They loved sitting on the large concrete lounge, admired the oversized teapot and scootered around the grounds.

Plenty of little points of interest within Sydenham Lounge including the topic relevant 'newspaper print' tiles covering the fireplace/mantle taken from clippings at the time the park was built and focussing on the aircraft noise, and the beautiful 'home sweet home' mozaic message behind the concrete lounge.

This is a great place to sit, rest, enjoy your byo eats picnic style, let the kids have a good play, and take in the uniqueness of the inner west. 

On the right day you will certainly realise how close the airport is!

Playground (fenced)
Toilet facilities
Cafe nearby
Scooter/bike friendly
Sporting facilities (basketball hoop)
Dog off-leash fenced area
BBQ facilities & picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Sydenham Green, Sydenham, NSW