Sydney Self Defence Centre

For 20 years in the Marrickville Area we have been nurturing people like yourself and your children. The news is always full of bad news, children hurt at school by bullies, children making poor choices about drugs, friends and behaviour.

Sydney Self Defence Centre, 47-51 Unwins Bridge Road, Sydenham, NSW
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How can a bit of kicking and punching really help?

I understand your thinking so please let me explain, Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Respect, Self Reliance, Self Confidence, Fitness, Speed, Strength, Honour, Teamwork, Courage, Knowing what is worth fighting for? These aren’t just words to us this is our curriculum. Don’t get me wrong, we teach one of the most effective Self Defence Arts but real Martial Arts is about much much more.

To conquer anyone we must first conquer the things inside us that hold us back, our own fears, misconceptions and self doubt.

They offer Yiquan Kungfu to four age groups, Cubs 5-9, Tigers 10-12 Falcon 13-17 and Adults 18+. Our symbol for Yiquan Kungfu contains the ancient Yin/Yang symbol representing balance and harmony. We want the opportunity to offer balance and harmony to you and your children’s life.

They aim to improve your child’s flexibility, speed, strength, determination, endurance and self defence skills but also aim to affect character building aspects of decision making, self control, focus, spirit, leadership, nutrition, self respect and respect for others.

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A fantastic Centre that is very professional, friendly and has fantastic Instructors who are passionate about what they do.

Age Group
Ages 5-7 , Ages 7+ , Tweens , Teens
Location and Details
Sydney Self Defence Centre, 47-51 Unwins Bridge Road, Sydenham, NSW
Tel: (02) 9564 2444