Tempe Reserve, Tempe

Tempe Reserve is a large multi-purpose recreation area with something for kids and parents.  It is located on the Cooks River waters edge and provides a beautiful spot to enjoy some sunshine with the kids.  It is also home to the Jets Sports Club and the Cooks River Motorboat Club.

Tempe Reserve includes sports fields, a large all-ages enclosed playground and the Robyn Webster Sports Centre.  While there's plenty to do here, it's also a great place to do nothing by the river, among beautifully landscaped native waterfront gardens.  A very well appointed BBQ area sits right on the water.  The Cooks River Cycle Path passes by.

The playground in Tempe Reserve is fantastic!  It's large and has something for kids of all ages.  It is fully enclosed and contains huge climbing nets, a flying fox, swings, slides and climbing equipment.  It is partially shaded and located right on the water and close to the BBQ area.

Tempe Reserve, Holbeach Ave, Tempe, NSW
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KIDsize Vibe

Awesome!  A peaceful gem on the river and so quiet this close to the airport!  It's a great scooter from Tempe Station along the river past Kendrick Park and finish with a play in this fantastic playground, one of the best around.

KIDsize Living Review

Brilliant spot for a birthday party!  Carpark is close to the BBQ area and the seating and picnic tables are covered if the weather is inclement.  It can get windy on the wrong day though.

Playground (fenced)
Toilet facilities
Sporting facilities (Netball courts, playing fields)
Scooter/bike friendly
On the Cooks River
Drinking fountain
Other facilities close by (Robyn Webster Sports Centre)
BBQ facilities & picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Tempe Reserve, Holbeach Ave, Tempe, NSW