The Backyard Bistro, Concord

The Backyard is located at  the Briars Sporting Club. A wonderful kid-friendly venue in Concord, this is a place where parents can sit on the deck and enjoy a meal while watching their children play on the social green.

The Backyard is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 11.00am to 9.30pm. They offer an a la carte menu for big people and a kids menu for little people. If you would like to celebrate a  special occasion at Briars Sporting Club, they take group booking for up to 100 guests.

They have some amazing specials every day of the week and you'll be surprised at the range of meal options you can choose from. It's truly a kid-friendly venue, their recently "renovated" bowling green has transformed the social green into one of the best kids play areas around.

14 Ian Parade, Concord, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

July 2015:  What a great night out!  We headed off to Briars at Greenlees for dinner one Saturday night and we weren't disappointed. 

On a cold winter night The Backyard was warm and inviting and had a lovely atmosphere.  We found our table... it was the one with "Lisa and friends" written on the white paper table topper in crayon! Menus are found on a centre stand which also conveniently carried a whole heap of jars with colouring-in pens and pencils.  The kids menu doubles as an activity sheet and the the table topper provides plenty of drawing space!

Briars at Greenlees

The outdoor "play area" is fantastic.  It's a bowling green that the kids can run around on.  They have all these cars for little kids to ride around in.  There were kids kicking balls and playing frisbee when we were there.  It was freezing cold and dark outside but that didn't stop them.  There was enough light to have fun!

Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club

The menu was great, they have an a la carte menu and also a $12 menu "Concord's Famous $12 Specials".  We chose the chargrilled beef fillet ($32) and it was like eating butter, it just melted in your mouth and oh they know what you mean by "medium-rare please".  We also had the confit salmon with pea and potato salad ($24), it's served warm, not hot and it's a lovely light, fresh meal, and again perfectly cooked salmon.  The kids had a lot to choose from...Flathead and Chips, macaroni with napoli sauce, chicken schnitzel or chicken parmigana. priced between $6 and $8 they all looked good.  We ordered the schnitzel and the macaroni and with mostly empty plates, they were enjoyed by all!

Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club

Desert.. well we had to try it so we could tell you about it!  The kids could choose from ice cream with berry or chocolate sauce, a Choc Fudge Cookie Crumble Sundae ($5) or a cupcake.  We chose the Sundae and wow, for $5 it was pretty good!  The big people got a little bigger after ordering one of everything.  The Sticky Date Pudding was divine, the lemon Tart was declared as one of the best my connoisseur had ever eaten and the Apple and Frangipane Tart "delish!", all priced at $10.

Briars at Greenlees Sporting Club

We love this place, the kids love the play space and we love the food.  The atmosphere makes it a very comfortable place to bring the family.  There's plenty of room for prams and big tables if you've got a big group.  The staff here are worth a mention, they couldn't have been more helpful!  Faced with "Could I have my sauce on the side?" and "Could we have vegetables instead of chips and salad?", they smiled and said "no problem!"  I love it... and it came out of the kitchen all correct too.  We will be back soon and then we'll definitely have to try it again in summer to make sure the beer is cold and to try out the outdoor eating area... right?

High chairs
Kids menu
Kids activities
Kids play area
Baby change facilities
Age Group
All Ages
$5 for a social membership.
Location and Details
14 Ian Parade, Concord, NSW
Briars at Greenlees
Monday-Wednesday: 11.00am - 10.30pm
Thursday-Friday 11.00am - 12.00am
Saturday: 10.30am - 12.00am
Sunday: 8.30am - 12.00am
The BACKYARD: 11.00am - 9.30pm
(T) 9743 1907