The Summer Hill Hotel, Summer Hill

The Summer Hill Hotel is a relaxed, friendly local pub in the heart of Sydney’s inner west, surrounded by Ashfield, Petersham, Dulwich Hill, Lewisham and Leichardt. It has a family-friendly bistro and a kids eat free deal too!

This is your quintessential corner pub, right across from the station - very convenient for picking up that bottle of wine on your way home! It has a bistro with an indoor eating area, some gaming hidden away, an outdoor beer garden and of course the public bar.

The Sumer Hill Hotel, Summer Hill, NSW
Kids Eat Free

Kids eat free Monday to Friday at lunch and all day Saturday and Sunday. <br>

One free kids meal with every adult meal purchased valued at $15 or more. <br>

KIDsize Living Review

January 2016:

There's nothing better than a good pub meal and we'd heard good things about The Summer Hill Hotel, since we haven't been there since dial-up, Claire and I decided to check it out and we took the whole crew with us.

In summary, we're sorry to say we were disappointed. We eat out a lot and we're lucky enough to do most of our dining in the Inner West where our disappointing experiences have been few and far between. It wasn't all bad though... we've got the highlights (and the lowlights!).

The dining room itself is fairly basic but totally does the job, there are bathrooms located close by so you don't need to schlepp around the pub dragging a cross-legged child looking for the bathrooms. It's an "order and pay at the counter" type arrangement. There must be something good about their Garlic bread, because if they don't ask you if you want it, you get it free!

Summer Hill Hotel

There's a Kids Menu, though we're not sure what the plans are for that. We couldn't actually see a kids menu at all and after enquiring as to whether they had one, it was procured from underneath the counter and was printed on the back of the old menu. We ordered the kids Chicken Breast Kebabs with Rice, Pasketti and the Crumbed Calamari Rings, all meals are $8.90 or add $1 and get a kids juice or soft drink. No thanks, we don't need any garlic bread.

Summer Hill Hotel

The adults among us ordered from the new menu where garlic bread is the first item on an extensive list!  We ordered the Vegetarian Stir-Fry with Prawns ($22), Salt & Pepper Combo ($23) and the Prawn and Chorizo Pappardelle ($21). We also shared a Trio of Dips plate as a starter, pass on the garlic bread for us too thanks...

Summer Hill Hotel

Our biggest disappointment of the meal was actually the service, or rather the total lack thereof. Ordering was a pretty easy process, once the staff member got off their mobile phone. They weren't overly friendly or particularly helpful though, we had to ask for everything, the ONE tomato sauce bottle was empty, there wasn't enough napkins, kids colouring sheets and pencils were available but were never offered, we had to ask for them too. We even asked for extra flat bread for our dip plate as we finished the bread and still had half of our dips left - but at a charge of $3 we decided to use our fingers!

The food itself was fine. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, totally edible, fine. When the kids Chicken Kebabs with Rice came out it was 2 Chicken Kebabs laying on a bowl of chips though which didn't please the rice eating chip-hater. After taking it back to the kitchen to ask for it to be fixed we were told "Oh we're out of rice" - it would have been nice to know that when we ordered! We changed our order to a Beef Burger instead, hold the egg, bacon and beetroot thanks. Needless to say that came out with the works and was returned for a refund as by that time everyone else was finished and ready to leave!

It's always nice to have dinner out with friends at the pub, and it was a nice night. If you're in Summer Hill and after an easy option or a Kids Eat Free deal then The Summer Hill Hotel might be an option. We can't rate the service at the bistro unfortunately but we're hoping it was an anomaly, we'll head back to check it out again at some point, after all we are yet to try the garlic bread.

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The Sumer Hill Hotel, Summer Hill, NSW
Lunch: Every Day 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Dinner: Monday - Saturday 5:30pm - 9.00pm
Dinner: Sunday 5:30pm - 8:30pm
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