Timbrell Park & Livvi's Place Playground, Five Dock

This large park features wide open sports fields, landscaped seating areas and the incredible Livvi's Place playground and Livvi's Cafe.  Livvi's Place is an all abilities playground.

On the southern end of Timbrell Park is Livvi's Place, Australia's first and award winning all abilities playground. The playground, the vision of the Touched by Olivia Foundation, has been specifically designed to cater for vision, hearing and mobility impairments as well as spectrum disorders. The equipment includes a mechanically powered merry-go-round, a snakes and ladders activity path, a sensory maze, an activity climbing net, a sway bridge and wobble walk, an all abilities ramp and slide, a birds-nest swing, tandem bull riders and sandpit.

Some of the design features are listed below but more information is available on this fact sheet.

Livvi's Place has been purpose built and designed to cater for all ages and abilities.  The playground has the following features which enables children and parents of all abilities and ages to play side-by- side on the same equipment, ensuring integration of children and families with special needs.

  • Wheelchairs can access all parts of the playground
  • Using texture and colour, footpaths are designed to allow the visually impaired to orient themselves around the playground without having to be led by a carer.  Yellow banding either side of the footpaths also provide a safe zone for spectrum kids, away from the high activity area yet allowing them to traverse the entire playground.  Soft fall areas are also defined by colour, allowing the vision impaired to navigate safely through the play equipment.
  • Musical sculpture that provides a vibration that is pitch specific allows the hearing impaired to experience sound.
  • The mechanically powered merry-go-round allows those in wheelchairs to experience the ride as a group.  Seats are also provided on the carousel.
  • Many of the items of equipment have been modified to allow an adult to assist or support a child.

Within the fenced playground area is also a large BBQ and a number of covered picnic tables which are suitable for a kids birthday party.

Livvi's Cafe opened in 2014 so now you can grab a coffee or even a meal while you're taking a break from playing! Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are situated in the amenities block behind the cafe and includes an electric adult change table (accessible with a key). There is also an accessible set-down area outside the playground.

To the north of the playground area is the majority of Timbrell Park. It comprises a number of multi-use sports fields and an amenities block.  This field is the home ground of the Five Dock Falcons baseball team and their kiosk is open on weekends.

Timbrell Park, Five Dock, NSW
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KIDsize Living Review

July 2015:  What a wonderful playground!  Full of interesting and unique equipment and now we know why... after some further reading about the design of this all abilities playground we were astounded at the level of thought, research and care that has gone into it.  Many of the design features are subtle or probably go unnoticed to many of us without special needs, but they are significant for those they're designed for. It's amazing!

The mechanical merry-go-round is a hit with all kids!  It has a fast and slow setting and in order to go someone must hold a lever down.  There's also an emergency stop button if required.  An overhead TV screen lets the riders know when it's about to start which usually results in a countdown!

And... there's now a cafe, Livvi's Cafe, right there!  Grab a coffee, wrap or panini.  The menu is varied and they have lots of healthy snacks and an excellent Campos coffee was had by all.

All abilities playground facilities (fenced)
Toilet facilities
Cafe onsite
Sporting facilities (sports fields)
Scooter/bike friendly
Drinking fountain
BBQ facilities & picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
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Timbrell Park, Five Dock, NSW
Livvi's Cafe
Mon - Thu: 7.30am - 3.00pm
Fri - Sun: 7.30am - 5.00pm