Urban Jungle Adventure Park @ Sydney Olympic Park

Urban Jungle Adventure Park is an high ropes adventure course in the tree tops at Sydney Olympic Park. Entry includes access to the Aquatic Centre and the ropes courses are suitable for kids aged 8 and over.

Located in the grounds of the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, the Urban Jungle Adventure Park is an excellent activity for kids whole love an outdoor adventure, your adrenaline junkie or dare-devil (big or small!).

The Urban Jungle price now includes entry to the Aquatic Centre, so after your climb you can head over to the pool complex and enjoy the pools, the Rapid River ride and Splasher's Water Playground.  

The Urban Jungle tree tops rope course is suitable for kids aged 8 and over who are at least 1.25m tall. Kids aged 8 and 9 must be supervised by a CLIMBING adult and kids aged 10 and over can be supervised by an adult from the ground.

This is a brilliant and unique birthday party idea too. If you hold your birthday party here you can bring your own food and eat it in the leafy grounds of the Aquatic Centre.  

Best parking is at the Aquatic Centre P2 carpark itself, parking is free for 4 hours but you must get your ticket validated at the before you leave.

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Urban Jungle Adventure Park, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

December 2015:

We've been meaning to check out the Urban Jungle Adventure Park for a while and since school holidays are coming up, we thought we'd try it out!

Ok, as you would (or should) expect... there are plenty of rules....

  • Kids must be 8 years old and be at least 1.25m tall and they must be accompanied by a climbing adult (that climbing adult can only supervise a maximum of 4 kids).
  • Kids 15 years and under must also be supervised, but that lucky adult can do so from the ground!
  • You must wear enclosed shoes, no thongs, sandals, crocs, socks or bare feet are allowed.
  • Waists must be covered.
  • Piercings must be covered and other jewellery removed or taped over.
  • All pockets must be empty so that means no phones, keys, cameras can go up with you.
  • Long hair must be tied back.

There are no lockers at the Urban Jungle Adventure Park. The lockers are a short walk away at the Aquatic Centre. The lockers cost $2 EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THEM, so now that you know the rules, make sure you put EVERYTHING into a locker at once and it will only cost you $2 not $8 like my locker cost me!

At your booking time, your group is taken into the climbing area and given a safety brief. The Do's and Don'ts of the ropes course plus an instruction session on how to use the "Clickit" safety system and Flying Fox pulley, your helmet and harness. They then take you to the practice course where you can put what you've just learn't into practice. Your harness has two points of contact with the safety wires and this clever system means that one point of the harness is always attached to the safety wires, so basically you can't fall off! It's a simple and very clever system but takes a bit of practice to master it and then even more practice to do it with any sense of speed! For the vertically challenged it's a harder still! 

There are four courses - Green, Blue, Red and Black - in order of difficulty! Each course has a series of challenges and finishes with an awesome flying fox. To get to the end we had to balance on suspended beams, walk a tightrope, climb through tubes and negotiate rope ladders! It took us the full 2 hours to complete all 4 courses and we all loved it! To finish off with a swim at Splasher's Water Playground topped off a great day out.

I will admit, on first glance I wasn't that impressed with this Urban Jungle! It didn't look that extensive or difficult, but that's because you can't see most of it - it's in the tree tops after all! Some challenges are 6m off the ground - it was impressive when I was up there! The 8 year olds that took me with them on this adventure would have made me do it all again if I let them! Their review's speak for themselves "I think it was a really fun obstacle course! I've never done anything like that before" from one and "I loved it because it was a challenge and it got harder and harder!" from the other.

The price of $39.50 is great value, it includes the Urban Jungle Adventure Park 2 hour session, as long as you like in the Aquatic Centre and 4 hours of free parking. Food options include the Cafe Aqua at the Aquatic Centre itself and a few other options nearby.

Age Group
Ages 7+
From $39.50
Location and Details
Urban Jungle Adventure Park, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW
NSW School Terms: Open weekends - First climb 9.30am, last climb 3.30pm
NSW School Holidays: Open daily - First climb 9.30am, last climb 3.30pm
(T) 9905 2559