Urban Kombat Krav Maga Self Defence classes

Urban Kombat offer their Krav Maga classes - described as "the most effective self-defence system in the world" to Mums and Dads on a Wednesday night in Marrickville.

A great option for those of you who want to learn how to protect yourself or just want to get off the couch and do something interesting and very useful!  It's not martial arts but self defence, Garth and his team base the class on real world scenarios, bringing recent events and incidents into the curriculum which keep the class real and real useful!

Krav Maga classes cover the following:

  • Explosive fighting and defensive skills
  • Are designed for real-world problems
  • Real scenario and environmental training
  • Situation awareness to avoid violent confrontations
  • Women’s Self Defence
  • Tactics and skills accessible to everyone regardless of age, height, weight, gender

No previous self defence or other skills are required.  They also run classes for kids, check out Kids Krav!

Special pricing offers for KSL subscribers are available now!

Ascend Functional Fitness, 110 Renwick Street,, Marrickville, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

Member Review April 2015: 

If you want to learn a exciting range of martial arts techniques combined with an awesome fitness work out then Urban Kombat is for you! The great thing about Krav Maga is that the self defence techniques are realistic and practical. It's a welcoming environment that caters to all levels - I had no prior experience. The classes are reasonably priced and the classes fit in with my busy schedule as a full time working mum.

Love my Wednesday night workout!

Age Group
Foundation Membership class price $18 per class (includes a free t-shirt!)
10 pack $200 (normally $250) use within 6 months
Location and Details
Ascend Functional Fitness, 110 Renwick Street,, Marrickville, NSW
Wednesdays 6.45pm
(T) 1800 149 569