William Stuart Playground, Lilyfield

William Stuart playground, located within the Whites Creek Valley Park, is more than just a playground!  It also includes a skate park, basketball court and lots of green space.

Located in the quiet backstreets of Lilyfield this hidden gem  has plenty for kids of all ages to do.  A full basketball court is hidden away at the back of the park, as is a small skate park.

The playground is modern and in great condition.  It has lots of interesting equipment not seen in every park.  It's surrounded by landscaped gardens and lots of tall trees which provide plenty of shade.  

Access to the playground is near the corner of Piper and White Streets, Lilyfield.  There is plenty of street parking close by.

Whites Creek Valley Park, Lilyfield, NSW
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Great park hidden away in Lilyfield, especially if you have older children.  Bring a ball, shoot some hoops or try out the skate park.  The playground is interesting too with a cute lizard(?) made of rock.

Playground (unfenced)
Sporting facilities (basketball, skate park)
Drinking fountain
Picnic tables
Age Group
All Ages
Location and Details
Whites Creek Valley Park, Lilyfield, NSW