Ziggetty Snipits, Balmain

A hairdressing salon especially for kids!

Ziggetty Snipits opened in Balmain in January 2015 and provides kids hairdressing services specifically tailored to make the experience painless for Mum or Dad and fun for kids.  There's loads of entertainment provided with a play area, DVDs screens at every chair and specialised "pedal car" seats.

The salon caters for girls "glama" birthday parties, the salon is yours exclusively for 2 hours and there are plenty of party options to choose from, or instead a "mini pamper" might be more appropriate!

The salons also provide the specialised nitpro lice treatment service located in a separate area of the salon.  An ear piercing service is also provided.

428 Darling Street,, Balmain, NSW
KIDsize Living Review

January 2015:  So little Miss 20 months couldn't see out from under her fringe... it's time for a haircut.. we'd heard that Ziggetty Snipits had recently opened in Balmain so decided we'd check it out. The salon itself is kids paradise... play area with an iPad, blackboard, toys, drawing table and heaps of cushions.  

Ziggety Snippets

Painted in bright colours, the salon is a clean, crisp, cheerful place to be and there's no traditional hairdressing seats here!  Just a choice of gorgeous pedal cars to suit everyone's taste!  We were greeted on arrival by lovely ladies who had mastered the art of crouching down to talk to little kids, and after deciding on a car our haircut was underway!  How straight lines were achieved I'll never understand, given the amount of head-moving that took place, thumbs up for patience, perseverance and straight up hairdressing skills!  

Ziggety Snippets

The older kids will be happy too with a great range of DVDs and a TV at every seat, there's plenty of entertainment to be had.  Kids business class at the hairdresser!

We're very pleased with the outcome, a cute little bob-in -the-making.  At $25 it's not the cheapest haircut you'll find but it certainly is the most fun kids haircut experience we've had.  If you've got a fidgeter or just a child that's allergic to going to the hairdresser, this may provide a solution for you!

Ziggety Snippets

Age Group
Babies , Toddlers , Preschoolers , Ages 3-5 , Ages 5-7 , Ages 7+ , Tweens
From $25
Location and Details
428 Darling Street,, Balmain, NSW
(T) 9555 9392