Artspark Sewing Workshops Primary Kids - 29 April

Introduce the kids to sewing at these amazing ARTSPARK workshops and be amazed at their creations.

43 Merton Street, Rozelle, NSW


Artspark would like to share their love and knowledge of sewing and textile. Nowadays much less people have the skills of sewing compare to when our parents were young, also it is great skill to have! 

Projects are suited to many levels, simple projects like bags and cushions to more advanced projects like garments. 

The kids will learn different type of hand stitching, how to operate sewing machines, selecting fabric suited to the projects and how to read patterns. Older and advanced students will learn more of the advance knowledge of related technique and ideas.

Around 90 % of the material comes from recycled source like industrial waste. Don’t worry they are clean! Artspark would like to reduce the waste and take care of our environment while making great projects!

The Sewing workshops are for primary school age + up. The workshops are on everyday through the holidays at 10 am - 4 pm.

Extended hours are available for busy parents, 9 - 10 am & 4 - 5 pm with extra cost of $10 per hour.    

Artspark sewing workshop Artspark sewing workshop

Artspark sewing workshop Artspark sewing workshop


29 Apr 2019 - 29 Apr 2019
10:00 am - 04:00 pm
Age Group
Ages 5-7 , Ages 7+ , Tweens
Full day 10 am to 4 pm $120
Half day (3 hrs) $70
Extended hours available every day on full day and afternoon half day workshops
9 – 10 am & 4 – 5 pm Extra $10 per hour per child
No discount on extended hours
Discount available for multiple days and/ or sibling bookings on same holiday period
Location and Details
43 Merton Street, Rozelle, NSW
Phone : ChiChi 0434154811
email :