Bee and Honey Workshop - CHP Kids

Join Maya Sunny Honey and Bee whisperer Andrew Wyszynski on a honey workshop class for kids!

20-25 Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park, NSW

In this class children will learn about the importance of bee and what they do, the important role beekeepers play and the equipment they use, and what we can do to help bees in the garden.

Not only that, but the children will extract honey from frames and take home a jar each. On display so the children can see the bees at work, 7,000 bees they can look at through an observational beehive. Choose from 10.30am or 12.15pm sessions (Ages 3+)

Session Times

  • Tuesday 9 July 10:30pm
  • Tuesday 9 July 12:15 pm

Bee and Honey Workshop

09 Jul 2019 - 09 Jul 2019
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Age Group
Ages 5-7 , Ages 7+
$20.00 per child
Location and Details
20-25 Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park, NSW